Mike Aucutt’s Galactica


Well after five months and despite some poor blueprints I have completed my three foot Galactica. Total cost of this project was $96.00 for foam-board, sheet/rod styrene, paint and lights.

After an objective critical review the primary flaws are the plyons, they are too wide where they attach to the hull and the angle at which they join the landing bays. Perhaps someday I will correct this error. Overall I am pleased with the project and clearly it is a lot cooler than the Mongram model.

The foam-board construction method works very well if you have accurate blueprints to start, and it keeps the cost down. I can see using this method on some future projects. One item I could not get a clear photo of was the landing bays. I built 20 1/4 inch vipers from rod plastic and placed them in launching position in the lighted landing bay, neat effect.

Construction photos can be seen in the On TheBench section

Mike Aucutt

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