Michael Sanderson’s Refit Enterprise


These are images of the completed U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A from polar lights. this ship is 3′ long and gives the builder alot of free reign to be very creative with both detailing and lighting. Like the NX-01 from Polar lights, this ship has no molded hull detailing, so there is a lot of masking as a result. The end product is quite worth the work though!

I used various shades of light grey and white in both matte and gloss to achieve a primary and secondary hull with detail giving the appearance of numerous individual panels. Most people use only white paint in both matte and gloss to achieve the infamous Aztec Pattern, however, I wanted this patten to be more predominant (especially for photography) so I painted the base with various shades of gloss light gray. Then after masking the hull patterns, I sprayed with a light coat of matte white.

The end result gives the ship a used, weathered look that I was extremely impressed with.

I kept the internal shuttle bay. I contemplated leaving it out, as for I thought it would limit the amount of interior room for lighting. I loved the idea of the shuttle bay so I compromised. I shortened the bay by cutting out the cargo sections which run almost to the front of the ship. This way I was able to accommodate both the shuttle bay and interior lighting.

I wanted the inner sides of the nacelles to light up, However, I have never seen any images of the 1701-A that show the nacelle grills lit really bright. I kept the glow subtle by placing one light at the front of the nacelle which gives the nacelle a gradient glow which fades darker as it works it’s way further down the nacelle grill. These pieces are molded clear. I painted the raised parts of the grill black and placed blue adhesive vinyl on the back side. this looks great lit and not lit!

I did not include images of the construction phases as for these are not nearly as interesting as the finished product.

Michael Sanderson

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  1. Hey Michael,

    Nice job!
    I have a question for you. Did you paint the ship before you added the lighting… or did you put everything together and then painted the ship?

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