Matt Buchtmann’s Klingon Bird of Prey


This is my Klingon BOP 1/650. It was given to me by a good mate but unfortunately it was a pre loved model, half put together and painted on the wings.

I have never used airbrushes before and I thought it would be a good model to practice on. I stripped the model as clean as I could and then started experimenting with different shades of green. I used a few different types of brands but mainly stuck to model colour and model air. As I progressed through the project I found that I preferred model air for its ease of use. I took my cue of colour scheme from a few models I found online and unintentionally combined them into what you see now. It was a great starter project and I’d love to get another BOP to continue my experimentations on colours. I just hope I did this model justice!

Matt Buchtmann

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