Martin Burkey’s Space Ghost

Here’s a resin figure of Space Ghost I purchased a few years ago at Monsters in Motion during a business trip. This classic pose is from a bygone era when he was battling evil and not flying a desk, and I was fascinated by how he could hold his breath so long in space. The figure is only 4 pieces, not including the base. It benefits greatly from a liberal coat of Mr. Surfacer. The only modification is a piece of sheet stock to replace the red belt buckle, which was molded a little soft. I should have likewise replaced the armband buttons. Never having done a figure, I loved not having to paint eyes. The red, black, yellow and flesh were painted over a white base coat. Despite my best efforts the white was smudged with other colors. A ball of steel wool cleaned it off nicely. Late in the project, I started to come down with AMS (Advanced Modeler Syndrome) and started thinking about a nice big billowing cape vacuformed from clear yellow sheet. I knew I’d never finish it if I did. I may still come back and add some signs of life to the base, but it’s nice to have this simple project on the shelf now.

Martin Burkey



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