Lez Cook’s X-Wing


Here’s a little information about my X-Wing.

Although I have a couple of the smaller x-wing kits I decided to build this one first because after comparing it with references in the Chronicles and the Technical Journal I found it to be a more accurate representation (for a start it hasn’t got that awful cutout in the bottom fuselage half and the strike foils are more accurate in their detailing).

I had originally intended to have the ships fuselage able to split for maintenance purposes, it was only after priming that it occurred to me to assemble the whole nose onto the upper fuselage half, this solves two problems at once, it does away with a front fixing by causing a small crevice into which the lower half fits, and does away with the seam which would otherwise be there were you to have the fuselage separable after painting.

I didn’t do many mods to the kit really mainly because I haven’t been modelling very long ,but here are the ones I did, first I replaced the engines grain of wheat bulbs with 5000mcd l.e.d.s and their corresponding resistors, this hopeful will eliminate any future need to separate the engine units(ooh messy), I then mounted a g.o.w. bulb directly behind the cockpit instrument panel, and one in the bottom of the droid bay the latter would be used to light R2’s sensor.

The next job was to file and sand away the power conduits from the laser barrels and replace them with small pieces of copper wire
(unfortunately due to a mental block I terminated these about 2mm short of the cooling ring, a mistake I don’t intend to make again).
Then on to the pilot, in this case Luke Skywalker, not a very good likeness, but then he’s not really supposed to be anyone in particular is he, because of this I decided to fabricate a blast visor for him from a piece of ham packet tinted with clear amber paint.

Which leads me on to painting, this I’m okay at.  It’s the weathering that gets me, anyway I had to get some techniques sorted for this ship because that’s where most of its character comes from,so I read a bit and practiced a lot on painted scrap and came up with a few useable options, junked the side decals and started from scratch, and to be honest I was very pleased with the results,

— Lez Cook

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