Leelan Lampkins’ Basilosaurus


I saw Basilosaurus on “Walking with Prehistoric Beasts” and had to have one! But there are no kits out there. So after extensive research and sketching I began to build my whale in 35th scale. In two days I made the basic body and tail out of a coathanger, aluminum foil, plastic card and Magic Sculp. It took a week to make an articulated skull out of card, Magic Sculp and straight pins (teeth).


It took another two days to finish. The four fins are made from card and covered in MS. The eyes are the ends of dressmaker’s pins. The skull was then covered with MS – making lips was a BEAR! Then I painted it with some helpful advice from Dennis Drechsler )

Total time to build was less than two weeks. Total time wasted for fear that I would mess-up was a year. Why can’t I ever just forge ahead?

Leelan Lampkins

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