Larry Wilson’s Seaview diorama


Just like to share some photos of my finished Mobius TV version Seaview. I’ve included a bunch of shots of the model, if you have time, you can pick and choose the ones you want to post to your site. Here’s some of my thoughts on how I built the model.

I wanted to display the model that would depict her in her element and not look like it came off the showroom floor. I think I’ve accomplished that look.

This is the TV version of the Seaview that I modeled after the 8′ version. In addition to the model, I purchased the Paragrafix Photoetch for the Seaview and for the Flying Subs interior. This added some additional details to the model that were otherwise missing from the kits. I used the VoodooFX lighting kit and also purchased  decals and cutout interior for the flying sub.

So to give a quick rundown of what was done to the model over the past months, here’s some of the key items.

  • I used elements of the Voodoo lighting kit. I added a lot more of my own lighting in the control room.
  • I purchased a 6 LED flashing circuit board and used fiber optic to simulate blinking circuitry throughout the control room.
  • The flying sub has 5 SMD lights in the this little gem to bring it to life.
  • I copied the cutout fold up interior sheet onto some decal paper and attached the decal to the paragrafix PE for the flying subs interior.
  • Paragrafix needs to provide a decal sheet to enhance their PE for the flying sub – this is the only thing lacking with that product. Adding the decal to the PE really brought the interior of the flying sub to life. trying to paint the details on the PE would have been futile…so here’s a hint guys – someone needs to make a nice decal to go over the PE.
  • I scratch built an interior for the Paragrafix Sea lab and lit it with multi-colored lights to simulate a murky setting.
  • I used elements of the Seaview’s PE – mostly the furniture and I had some pieces of a different scale model that was easily re-purposed for this interior.
  • I added some round stock to the exterior of the Sea lab to depict piping around the Sea lab. this spruced things up.
  • I painted all the models with testors Model masters enamel, I blended the gray’s to get the color on the sub based on what I saw on my TV screen – this is how I saw the sub in action, not from photos of it sitting on a pair of saw horses.
  • The base is a custom frame made from crown molding, fiber board and plaster to simulate the ocean floor. the floor was painted with a mixture of tan, brown, blue, black, and gray acrylics, The frame was painted in Rust-o-leum paint called Hammered and gives the appearance of beaten metal.
  • HDA Modelworx provided the name plate for the display.

Thanks for looking.
Larry Wilson

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