Larry Wilson’s Maquis Raider


Here are a few pictures of the Maquis Raider I finished. Always thought it was a cool little ship with lots of detail on the hull.

I bought the resin and colored after market parts from Don’s Light and Magic that allow you to light the warp and impulse engines. Aside from those parts, this was built and painted straight out of the box.
To bring out the details on the hulls, the ship was given a base coat of mixed gray to match the color on the box, then painted in a series of subtle gray tones with complimentary colors that accent the gray hull. Once I was happy with the paint job, the ship was given a wash made up of burnt umber and dark gray. the final effect darkened the overall look of the ship, but brought out the details even more. Lastly it was given a dull coat.

For the base, I used the medallion from the kit supplied base as I wanted something along the idea of a coat of arms to accent the ship. I sprayed the medallion in gold leaf and then sprayed on clear red until I got the red dark enough to cover the gold. Then the medallion was wet sanded down until I started seeing the gold underneath.  The $4.00 base is from Michael’s and layered in gold and silver paint. I sprayed the gold on first and layered the silver on while is was still wet, then lightly sanded it when it was dry. The two pieces were glued together and then shot in a clear lacquer.   To finish it off, Jerry over at HDA Modelworx made me up a name plate to accent the final build.

Larry Wilson


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