Larry Wilson’s Icarus


I am attaching some photos of the Icarus concept ship from Fantastic Plastics resin model.  I pretty much built this straight out of the box, for a resin kit, the ship was very well detailed – no pitting as typically seen with most resin castings. The only issue I had were the cockpit windows they provided weren’t even close to the size opening they were suppose to fit into. I made new ones out of some clear styrene sheet I had on hand. The ship is cast with a limited interior, mostly centered around the forward cockpit and extending to the beds. I added a back wall with a little bit of detail just to prevent seeing thru the length of the ship.


The interior is lit with a small white SMD and I added a couple of 1/72 scale figures in the interior.
I also lit each of the three primary engine bells with a blue SMD just to change things up.


The finish on the model was done in two layers of white, after the primer, the base coat was testors enamel Insignia white and then a final coat in an automotive Pearlescent white. The secondary colors were a mixture of greens to match pictures I pulled off the web of the ’68 movie Icarus. The underside was painted in a darker grey. After applying the decals, the whole model was shot with a clear gloss lacquer. Overall it turned out pretty well.

The base was bought from Micheal’s for $4.00, then primed and painted in black.  It is plenty big to house the battery holder and 9v battery.  Jerry over at HDA Modelworx provided the 1″ x 3″ nameplate.

Larry Wilson

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