Kyu-Woong Lee’s Narcissus


This kit was pretty much built from the box. There are some known inaccuracies with the snout, but I didn’t correct for them.

All the panel lines were drawn in with pencil, then the ship was given a coat of fixative. Then, I weathered with charcoal, and gave it another clear coat. I also used some thinned down board and batten sheet styrene for those vents on top of the engines.

I actually didn’t add decals at first, since I could never make out any lettering or details, especially those huge “E1” decals. I had especially focused on the opening sequence of Aliens as a reference, and it was only later I found out that the original Narcissus was stolen, and a new one built. The new one lacked the original markings, as well as being a little different in proportions.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy International (I can’t believe it’s out of business! I loved that magazine!) published a special issue on the Alien series, and in one of the shots on the back cover, it showed the detailed lettering on the nose. Indeed, those huge “E1″s really were there, as well as some highly detailed hatch markings! It seems that Halcyon never makes a mistake, after all.

I added some extra lettering decals from various aircraft sheets to match the photos of the nose art. I couldn’t find a decal in the right scale for the woman nose art (yes, there’s actually a woman in a miniskirt on the actual studio model nose), so I added a more tasteful eagle emblem.

Kyu-Woong Lee

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