Kyu-Woong Lee’s Millennium Falcon




The Millennium Falcon was always my favorite ship in the movie. It was so asymmetrical, weathered, and captured the high-tech “souped up jalopy” look. Even though it was aiming for a beat up look, it always looked FAST. On top of its interesting design, it always had a starring role in the movies (working or not).

Construction wise, this kit required trimming down the side panels of the ship in order to make the overall thickness accurate. The rear side panels merely required removal of about 1/4″. For the front forks, major rework was avoided by sanding down the edges to a taper on the top and bottom halves, and sanding an angle on the side panel inside edges to match the taper on the top and bottom halves. This ended up removing about 1/4″ also.

The cylindrical “hatch” pieces on either side, interestingly enough, seemed to match up to the new thickness. The small, angled pieces right next to the hatches also had to have 1/4″ removed.

Also, additional greeblie pieces were attached to the side panels for a more three dimensional look. The as-molded detail was a little sparse. The usual car transmissions and aircraft carrier details were used.

Lights were added for the cabins and forward floods. For the hyperdrive engine, three A Penlite light bulbs were mounted on a reflecting panel. A cellophane panel with Magic Scotch Tape diffuser was attached around the hyperdrive to replace the transparent piece with a terribly visible seam in the middle.

For the floodlights on the bottom half, which are seen in “Empire Strikes Back”, I used 1.5V train light bulbs with the lenses built in. I cut very tiny holes, painted them black on the inside surface to opaque out stray light, and superglued them in place with the top open. Since the shape of the light is a little oval, it was necessary to glue them in place, checking their positioning and alignment as it set.

Painting and detailing was accomplished mostly with pastels and fixative. I used the box cover and some photos for reference.

Kyu-Woong Lee

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