Ken Meekins’s Spiderman

This is my Polar Lights model #4100 Spider-Man. A pretty easy kit to put together. Just a few gaps here and there that needed to be puttied and sanded. Spidey is painted in all flat acrylics and the black webbing on his costume is done with a fine point magic marker. The background web has a dullcoat painted on the back side with all brush strokes stemming from the middle to give the appearence of it being all web

Ken Meekins

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  1. Terrific piece. Yes, I recall it being a fun kit. I bought and built the Aurora Plastics issue when it first came out. I can’t say I cared for the webbing shooting form his wrist. It bugged me so I replaced it with a hair net cut to size.

    I though the Kraven the Hunter bas relief was clever though I thought it looked a little funny. Still, for the money, it was a nice “extra”.

    Your paint job is excellent.

    Thanks for sharing.

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