Ken Meekins’ Psycho House


Here is my model of the PL kit #5028 Psycho House from the 1960 movie Psycho. This kit was a lot of fun. Once the house was built, painted and sufficiently weathered, I knew that it had to be lighted. I built a room for mother so that she could watch Norman whenever she wanted. Then I lit it with an orange Christmas bulb hooked up to 9 volt battery. There’s a hole in the floor inside the house for what I assume to be the sole purpose of running wire out. Which is exactly what I did. I hooked the battery up to a small switch to be able to turn on and off the light in Mother’s room, without having to take the roof off every time (the only part of this model not glued down, so that batteries and bulbs can be replaced), and attached it outside on the base.

The base that it sits on is an 11 x 14 plaque turned upside down. The house was raised off the base by (4) 1 and 1/4 ” wooden dowels and screwed into the existing base on one side and into the plaque on the other. I then used wire mesh to run from the original base to the new base all around the house.

I covered the mesh with Plaster Of Paris to form the hillsides and cliffs all around the house. Once that dried, I painted the entire base dark flat green. I put two trees in and covered the entire base with grass and dirt scenic powder that I got at my local hobby shop. I put a few bushes, fallen leaves and some overgrown grass on there as well.

After it was done, I realized that Mother had no one to look at. So, back to the hobby shop I went and bought a small box of assorted HO scale people. I found a perfect one of a man with his hands on his hips (just like in Psycho 2) and put him in front of Mother’s window, so that when her light is on, it shines right down of him. I also bought at a craft store, a small bag of beads and painted 2 of them a cement color for flower pots to put on the steps. Nice little touch.

Now the way the model has to sit on this display, it leaves a lot of empty  space on one side. A lot of boring grass to look at. Then I got the idea to build a swamp in that empty corner and have a car sinking in it like it did in the movie. So, back once again to the hobby store to buy some scenery water and an HO scale car. The final touch was to make a license plate with the initials A.H. on it. My little homage to the great director of this film.

Ken Meekins

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