Karl Dodenhoff’s Cylon Raider

Here’s my rendition of the dreaded Cylon Raider from the re-imagined BSG series. I hadn’t really planned on building this model but when it appeared on a shelf at my local hobby shop, I took one look at it and HAD TO HAVE IT. This thing just oozes BAD ASS!

I built this OOB, which is my preferred method nowadays. The engineering of this kit was great – it’s like a snap-tite kit. It just falls together.

The kit features raised details where the green pentagon markings are supposed to be on each side of the beasty. I sanded those off and in the end used decals I found on another site to depict them.

The seams were almost unnoticeable but I puttied and sanded them anyways. The first thing I did before starting painting was make copies of the painting guides, then I numbered each panel from 1 to 4 to indicate how dark each would be. I left the bottom/center section and the engine nozzles off until painting was almost completed.

I used Testors Model Master Aluminum Non-buffing Metalizer paint as the base color, then added increasingly more Testors Model Master Flat Black to it to get the varying shades of the panels. After each shade was applied with my trusty Iwata airbrush I hit it with a coat of Pledge Future Shine aka Future Floor Polish to keep the paint from peeling off with the masking tape during the next pass. When the panels were done I used a thinned wash of artist’s oil paint to bring out the panel lines and details. Finally, I hit it with a coat of flat finish, then used a little bit of Gray Ash Pigment from ModelMakerz to grime it up a bit more.

The process of repeatedly masking and painting the body over and over again did most of the work of weathering for me. But, I also used my Dremel tool with a burr bit to gouge out some holes in the shell to simulate blasts from a Colonial Viper. I gouged out 3 “wounds” in the skin of the Raider and painted the insides of them red to simulate fresh meat! (as this is a biological life form weapon) One of these is on the inside/front of the left wing and the other two are on the outside/back of the left wing.

I painted the base with Alclad II Chrome, for obvious reasons which any fan of the show would understand!

A great diorama idea for this kit might be to show it on a desert-like surface with a big hole blasted in the side of its’ “head” and blood oozing out of it, as seen in the episode “You Can’t Go Home Again”. This was the Raider shot down by Starbuck, which she subsequently used to fly back to the Galactica.

Karl D Dodenhoff

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