Josellas Tiberius’s Lost in Space Derelict UPDATED


Updated 9/10/2016 with more photos

The Moebius Derelict assembled. This is a nice model with various options.   A single LED is placed in it to highlight the landed Jupiter 2 in the hanger. The Jupiters are clear plastic and fluorescent yellow was hand painted behind the view ports and the top dome and fusion core. Once masked the exterior was airbrushed a Tamiya Titanium Silver.

The Derelict exterior was painted Testors Gloss Silver from the can, followed buy Model Masters Clear Lusterless Flat. Tamiya Sky Grey was airbrushed to accent the surface vein like patterns and then followed by another application of Lusterless Flat.  The six balls on the hanger door ends were sprayed the Gloss Silver, however a Model Masters Gloss Clear was applied to each one. Model Masters Brass was airbrushed to each ball’s raised detail before the clear pieces were attached.  The underside of each of the six hanger doors were airbrushed a Tamiya Dark Grey.

The area to pay close attention to are the clear antenna like pieces. Special care and patience need to be had here when removing the injection plugs and sprue. Once sanded and filed the clear pieces were sprayed Model Master Gloss Clear.

All in all a cool model and a must for any Lost In Space fan.

Josellas Tiberius

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