Josellas Tiberias’ Spacemen and Women


I got this kit a while ago of the 1/20 scale Glencoe Spacemen and Women. Everywhere I saw the figures, they were never painted but just shown in their plain plastic display.  I can’t paint figures worth a darn but tried my amateurish hand at it anyway.  Each figure was sanded, puttied and primered. Tamiya and Model Masters acrylic paints were used on them exclusively with a major portion being brushed painted. The base was an acrylic plastic picture frame purchased at a craft store and the rocks are taken from other kits and the craters were from an old gaming kit.  Some additional sanding had to be done to get the helmets on the figures. Unfortunately, the Space Women with the Space Babies didn’t get a helmet cause the ones with the kit didn’t quite fit and were the wrong versions, also, baby needs a helmet too! I’ll scratch something for them in the future as well as add a logo on the display base’s sides.  Hopefully someone out there will do the same paint job but only on a higher caliber than mine.

Josellas Tiberius


  1. What a fun and unique build. I have never seen that style spaceman (and women) done up so well. I remember those guys from my youth (I never saw the females and the babies).

    Well done!

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