Josellas Tiberias’ Chariot diorama


The model is finished. The chariot model was completed long ago and set aside. I got some cool ideas for a fast and easy water diorama from a YouTube tutorial posted by a fellow who goes by the handle AKADEMEE. He has a very good approach.

An acrylic picture frame was purchased from a craft store that was about the right size for the Chariot display. The top was sanded and painted Walmart Royal Blue from the spray can. Once the chariot was staged on the pre painted base a wake was painted on the blue surface with Tamiya Acrylic Light Blue and highlighted with Tamiya Acrylic White.

Following AKADEMEE’s tutorial I used an inexpensive clear bathroom calk application on the painted surface applied with a caulking gun, smoothed with an ice cream stick and then textured with a plastic spoon by tapping the caulk vigorously. The Chariot was attached to the pre staged spot with a generous amount of the same clear caulk. Once it was dried clear more caulk was applied around the Chariot in a sort of foam/wave pattern building up around the sides.

When this was completely cured Tamiya Acrylic Clear Blue was applied in certain areas about the base of the Chariot’s wake. This was followed by a dry brushing of Tamiya Acrylic White to simulate some foam and disturbed water.  For fun some printed images were made up and attached to the sides of the acrylic plastic base.

This was a fun first time experiment to simulate a Hungry Sea Diorama.


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