Josellas Tiberias’ 1975 Aurora Seaview


Inspired by my good friend, David Meriman’s superb submarine build ups, I took this old kit out of mothballs and cleaned all my early shoddy work off it.  As you can see this reissue of the old 1966 kit by Aurora had added paneling on it and a different base used for the company’s sea lab kit.

The display base was repaired and augmented with some Testors White putty. It’s paint scheme was emulated from some aquarium decoration that I saw at a local pet shop.

The Submarine model was cleaned up and sanded and puttied with Testors White putty. The clear nose was crazed from within from my decades previous attempts at modeling. The exterior of the nose was sanded smooth with the rest of the hull as much as possible, then buffed to a sheen.  The square parts of the nose and the search light were masked off and the model was airbrushed Model Masters Acyrlic Camouflage Grey on the bottom and Tamiya Medium Grey on the top.  Sail hatches and missile hatches along with other raised details were airbrushed Tamiya Neutral Grey. The limber holes on the side of the top deck were masked (a tedious job) Tamiya Dark Grey.  Once all this was portion of the painting was done the square masks were removed from the nose and the clear crazed areas were airbrushed Tamiya Smoke, which is a tint, to hide the interior imperfections of the clear piece.  The area etched for the flying sub (that was not on this incarnation of the boat) and where the diving bell/minisub bay would be was masked off and highlighted with a light over spray of the Medium Grey.

The other only departure was use of a tiny resin clear cast piece from an old Lunar Models kit for the forward search light, two tiny half domes from a craft store for the lights at the end of each of the Cadillac fins and stealing two tiny parts from the Polar Lights Seaview, namely the radar mast and the periscope to substitute the missing pieces of the sail.

Josellas Tiberias

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