John Waxel’s AT-AT



It’s pretty much straight out of the box with only a few modifications. The wire ‘tow cable’ on the snow speeders as well as their guns which are just bits of styrene rod. Also the ‘shields’ behind the guns on the ATAT have been repositioned as they have not been made to sit in the proper place. I weighted the legs on the model with bb’s because it’s a bit top-heavy. The base is just plaster of paris. the weathering is done with water-based paints. It streaks well and doesn’t lift the oil-based paint used on the body. I did about 12 very thinned coats and then 2 or 3 darker coats for the dark stains. I thinned the water-base paint with rubbing alcohol for less surface tension and faster drying.

John Waxel.

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