Joel Tavera’s Star Probe

The second Lindberg STAR PROBE rocket was built to reflect the box art as much as possible with the exception of the moon like base.

Each part was used from the kit with extra care taken for the cockpit and the open hatch. The astronauts were from the “spare parts box” again. The rear engine nozzles were masked on both sides and painted flat Walmart Black from the spray can on the outside and Walmart Aluminum on the inside. A single white LED was placed behind the engine piece in a makeshift reflector and another green LED in the cockpit.

The moon base was made from a globe bought from a craft store. One half was removed, roughed up with coarse sandpaper. Craters were made from various trimmed styrene rings. Then Testors White Putty cut with Testors Liquid Plastic Cement was applied and formed in certain areas of the moon surface and then impressed with coarse sandpaper for detail. It was spray painted overall with Walmart primer, washed with Tamiya Flat Black then drybrushed with Tamiya Sky Grey.

A brass tube was placed dead center of the moon and painted black. Wires were routed through the tube from the 9 volt battery source hid in the moon to the internal rocket wiring.

The same painting technique was used here as in the Mars Probe for the rocket body.

This kit basically leaves for a lot of interesting embellishments.

I recommend this nice model for a satisfying build up for anyone’s collection.

Joel Tavera

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