Joel Tavera’s Polar Lights Seaview

Here is a Polar Lights Seaview that I did for a good customer of mine. He wanted a standard build up, but because he is such a friend also I decided to add a bit more.


You will see that the underbelly is sprayed with Testors Camouflage Grey. Clear inserts were used as underbelly spotlights which are missing from the model.


This shot shows that the clear pieces of the nose were masked off and the whole model painted Walmart brand equipment grey primer. The plaque was sprayed Testors silver and the rest was detailed out with Tamiya flat black and flat yellow.


On the base for the model, The long rectangular piece is from an acrylic picture frame from an Arts and Craft shop, that was cut down to size. A switch, 9 volt battery holder and wiring was placed inside to power the three jumbo yellow LEDs inside the model. Once it was painted Walmart brand flat black with an overspray of Tamiya Gunmetal and Testors Dulcote, the prepainted Seafloor was positioned and screwed on the base.


You will see a 3/4 view of the port side of the model. To get a smooth look and seamless flow to the hull, thick gel superglue was used to adhere the clear piece to the front opening. Once done, the cured over flow of the superglue was sanded to the rest of the hull’s configuration make for clean surface transition.
Afterward, various grades of cheap sandpaper was used to smooth out the grooves from the sanding followed by some buffing from ladies fingernail files. Keep in mind that the same was done to the forward search light and two bottom spotlights. Later all of this is masked off to avoid the two main base color overspray.


After the underbelly and top of the model were painted, all other details were airbrushed Tamiya Medium Grey. Notice how just the one color brings out the missile hatches, sail doors and top sail entry, and the top deck water inlets and hatches.

The yellow LEDs are on for the forward searchlight and the two bottom spot lights. The nose windows are illuminated as well but not visible in this shot.


Finally here is a nice starboard forward view of the model. Note also that the sail windows were attached the same way as the nose window and search light. It was sanded smooth and the masked off to view the translucence of the clear piece, although no light is in the sail.

There a few things I failed to get done on this kit due to the customers requirements and time. Like attaching and detailing the nacelles as in the studio miniature, sail cameras, Cadillac fin illumination and more sail detail.

This is an extremely nice kit to work on and detail out. Much more can be added to this kit to make it a nice addition to any modeler out there and kudos to Polar Lights for bringing this marvelous kit back to us.

Joel Tavera

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