Joel Tavera’s Mars Probe

What a cool Rocket by Lindberg!

This nice design needed some illumination and a variation in the build up.

The MARS PROBE version with the gantry utilized a clear acrylic box cut down to size and the application of some Plastruct rectangular tubing along with a few pieces from the “spare parts box”. Then Walmart Orange from the spray can was applied. Masking tape strips were placed strategically and then Tamiya Flat Black was airbrushed on. Viola’ the cool girder effect. A red LED was placed inside the box facing up to look like lit engines. A reworked clear fishing bob was utilized for a sleeker cockpit and a green LED was used for it’s illumination. Battery’s were hid in the inner area of the gantry base.

The base coat for the rocket body was Walmart Gloss White from the spray can. Tamiya Grey, Black and Red were airbrushed on for hull exterior details along with some aircraft warning decals.

Joel Tavera

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