Joel Tavera’s AMT Enterprise A

Here are two photos of the AMT Ertl Enterprise A that I did for a customer. It has a number of after market accessory pieces added to it. In the first shot you can see Don Matthy’s clear inboard engine pieces and deflector pieces. There is his deflector collar and top (bridge) and bottom sensor domes and his forward nacelle inserts and associated clear top pieces. Last is his Photon torpedo insert. In the same shot you can see Lunar Models botanical garden window assembly and a portion of the Shuttle bay assembly as well.

The next shot clear shows an aftermarket B/C deck. A well needed piece for this model. You will also see Don Mattthy’s blue tinted impulse crystal. There is a better view of the Shuttle bay and clear impulse engine by Lunar Models. Finally, but still extremely important are David Frias’ decals to enhance this models over all appearance.

You can see that the kit supplied base was sprayed a Walmart brand gold followed by a highlighting of Tamiya copper. This base was secured to an acrylic photo frame and battery pack attached to it’s inside for lighting. You can see the wires hanging out the bottom. The primer coat used for the entire model was Model Masters Camouflage Grey. Next an over all application of “Folkart” Metallic Pearl was airbrushed on the model. Then Aztec and paneling patterns were airbrushed on in various shades of light grey mixed from Tamiya colors. I used Tamiya Light blue for the predominate areas and J.A. & J.N. Grey for other areas.

Joel Tavera

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