Joel Tavera’s 2001 Orion

From 1998


This is an “Airfix” Orion model from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not as neat as the Aurora or Lunar Models version, but once completed and painted it makes for a great kit. The PanAm logo is a color xerox of the Aurora kits decals since AirFix didn’t supply the correct ones for this model.  Weathering was done in pastels using chalk, paint brush for application of chalk streaks, masking tape for defining the edges of the streaks and then sealing with Testors Dulcote.  The base is made from half of a large clear plastic shere I got from ‘Michaels’ with some cast craters from some board game, putty and a brass tube to hold the model and to run the wires through the base.

Joel Tavera

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