Joel Tavera’s 1997 20,000 Leagues Nautilus with lights

This was originally featured in On The Bench.


I once built one of these Revell Monogram models for a client and always liked the way it looked but noticed that it was lacking some detail that I was able to glean from the Hallmark Entertainment movie. I thought that I would work another one and add what I could to make it a bit more interesting.
Some of the things added was a propeller guard made from a military kit jerry can, clear parts for where lights would go as well as a green search light and the sail window. LEDs were strategically placed in areas for illumination. I liberated three figures and a earth globe from a Space:1999 Moonbase Alpha kit to add to the visual flavor of the inside of the boat. Additionally I used Plastruct Fluorescent Rod for the inner top beams and the lower hull running lights.  Each LED had a 220 resistor and all is powered by a single 9 volt battery.

This did take some time and forethought (which I have very little of) but is a rewarding addition to anyone’s sub collection.

Joel Tavera


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