Joe Divar’s Vampirella


This is the rare 1/9 Graffitti Designs Vampirella kit sculpted by Clayburn Moore. This also happens to be my very first attempt at figure modeling. Not a “starter” kit so to speak but I felt up to the challenge. I mean come on, read a few Amazing Figure Modeling articles by David Fischer and you’re ready to airbrush. Right?

It’s easy when the kit is a commission too. The photos are of the kit as it appeared in ’97 after completing the kit. I had not mounted the included vinyl vampire that perches on her outstretched hand. The kit came ready for painting with no visible seam lines or pinholes that needed filling. Right here I have to stop and tell you that the sculpt is incredible. Moore is an artist in the true spirit of the craft. It didn’t surprise me to find out later that he had studied in Italy and was a formally trained sculptor. Unlike many of the self-taught artists out there in the GK industry. I followed the “Fischer” method of airbrushing and was satisfied, not ecstatic, with my first attempt at airbrushing in the figure modeling world.

If you can find this kit. Buy it. Don’t paint it. Bronze it and put it on your self. A true work of art which my skills did no justice to.

Joe Divar

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