Joe Brown’s Centauri Vorchan



This ship went together rather quickly, and it is yet another blue-foam special.  I used the Agents Of Gaming mini-Vorchan as a guide for the overall shape, and I liked their way of doing the vertical fin- I made mine removable for easier transport.  The hardest part of doing this ship was trying to get the right shade of purple/brown!  I used an undercoat of Krylon acrylic brown, and airbrushed thinned Citadel Liche Purple over that. The gold was a Testors Gold paint pen, which is actually styrofoam safe.

The ship was detailed with bunches of scrap-plastic; a cut-up lipstick container that my wife was foolishly throwing away; modified bottle-tops became turrets, nasal inhaler tops became the wing leading edge projections, and I found that the little styrene plastic holder for HP inkjet refills could be sectioned up into interesting shapes, painted & then glued on.  I then rigged up a simple wire stand to hold the ship aloft, and partially to show Lennier’s Nial fighter beneath the starboard wing.

Joe Brown

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