Jim James’ Jupiter 2

The lower level, is shown at an early stage. This view points out some of the details on the model, including the scratchbuilt elevator cage, interior furnishings, and even the Pod.

The shot of the ladder shows how to cut the existing molded-in ladder to a reasonable facsimile of the correct ladder.

A typical modified lower deck suite wall is almost finished, complete with bed (mylar bedspread), bookshelf (with books and plant), monitor decal, entertainment center decal, nighstand and nightstand decal.

After nearly four months of gruelling work on the bench, my Polar Lights Jupiter is finished at last. The lower deck hasn’t changed a lot from the last pictures I sent in but I added the area in front of the auxiliary control panel and the screen doors for the suites.

I cheated a little on the upper deck and didn’t detail outside the walls (just some ceiling beams and surfaces). To cover this, I screwed the upper deck to the hull top so when I lift the top off, the top deck comes with it! The figures are from the Monogram Invaders Saucer and the Robot is scratch built.

Scratchbuilt Robot (with Robot panel decal!). Penny on the right is there for scale.
With all the stuff inside, I had a little difficulty getting the saucer top and hull top to sit neatly on the lower deck and I may address this problem after I’ve taken a break from this kit.

Now I can get on with the stack of kits that have accumulated during this project.

Jim James

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