Jim Gerard’s Disney Tomorrowland spacecraft

This is another submission dating back to 2004, found on an old hard drive.



I was inspired by the recently released Disney DVD “Tomorrowland” with the animation inspired by Von Braun’s vision of space exploration in the 1950’s. I pulled out from my stockpile the Glencoe Models re-releases of these classic kits and finished them as seen in the Disney program. One mistake I noticed was the Space Station instructions suggested that the two small ‘bottle suits’ for EVA (better seen in the multi-tanked Lunar Rocket) were rocket engines. Only one of the two-tank rockets were included with the station so I fabricated a new set out of beads and extra sprue.

The Disneyland rocket was decaled with it’s original TWA paint scheme. The base is from the 1999 IPMA Orlando convention and sports a “Moonliner 1955” pin as it’s nameplate.

The Space Station has two bottle suits tending it, one returning to the red and white hanger and the other repairing a small meteor collision. It has been strung using piano wire.

Jim Gerard

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  1. Terrific. The use of the Douglas Rocket pin was inspired bit. The Moonliner was one of my favorite static displays at the original Disneyland. Very tall and REAL, a dream come true as far as I was concerned. Without ever getting off the ground it took me to unknown worlds. I can still remember standing at its base and dreaming of space travel.

    Thanks for posting.

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