Jim Davis’ Pro Shop X-Wing

First off I gotta say that I loved the detail on this thing. I’m sure that the detail on the Fine Molds X-wing is better, but from AMT, this was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know what it is about this model. but every time I make one of these, it’s gotta be a RED 5 (Luke’s ship)… I think it’s just because of the legend, I dunno. Anyway, I had to try this one out… the whole thought of it being a electronic made my head spin.

On the base I labeled the buttons P(ower), V(oice), W(ings), C(ockpit) in Imperial Lettering (yeah I’m that much a fan). First thing I wanted to do was get rid of the battery box… I hate those things. So I pulled an old socket from a pair of blown out computer speakers and used a universal adapter to use. I had a difficult time gluing the socket to the side of the base, until I pulled out my Magic-Sculpt polymer putty… I love this stuff… sticks to just about anything… molds like clay… dries hard as a rock. This did the trick!

One thing I didn’t like was the fact that the wings didn’t close all the way. I mean they were still opened and not only were they open they weren’t even.

As much as I hate the grain-of-wheat bulbs, I used them anyway? Why? Because I didn’t have any LEDs and figured what the hell. One thing I did was make sure to coil the wires up in the engines so that if they ever did blow out, I could always replace them by pulling them out, clipping the wires and splicing them together. I never glued the caps on the ends so that I could always have access to them.

One thing I really hate doing is painting clear parts. Especially when those clear parts have to show lite thru them. I musta put at least 5 coats of paint on each one, testing them with the lights on, and then painting the seen thru areas in the dark so I could make sure there were no light leaks.

Another thing I noticed about this model was the fact that the parts weren’t labeled right… The Engine tops on the wings were supposed to be labeled A, B, C, D… but in this kit, I had two D’s The next problem I had was that the whole kit was missing a part.

But I got around it by simply gluing the cotter pin that holds the wings together into place using my trusty Zap-a-Gap glue and it did the trick nicely! Well basically I made couple of mods to this puppy… one of the things I did was add the two other scopes to Re’s dome

I never used any of the decals that came with this thing… basically because they tend to fade after a period of time, and the painted on ones tend to look better… was a challenge because I did them all eyeballing freehand… they didn’t come out too bad… in any event… here’s the completed model:

Well as you can see, it turned out pretty good in the end. more to come!

Jim Davis

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