Jeff Jurrius’ NX-01 with lights


This is my first build up of the Polar Lights Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 350:1 model. Overall I used a 3 tone paint scheme: Light Gun Metal, Gloss Aluminum and Gun Metal, applied in that order. The aztek dummy panels used for the 2nd stage paint were from Lou Dalmaso, purchased from this site and were a good place to start. The 3rd stage masking was done with regular masking tape.

The lighting was done with 2 kits from VoodooFX, one for the overall lighting and one (VFX-01) for the Bussard effect. Many extra lighting effects were added over and above these kits. 65 LEDs and 50 strands of fiber were used in the buildup. Fiber lights were used for all spotlights (check out spotlights on the nacelle struts! both sides), and floodlights in landing bay. Ambient fiber light was used for all blue sensor pad lights (see side of dish light for example), the red & green lights under cowling, and the 6 blue rear lights on aft of engineering pod. Special clear parts were created for the sides of the front dish to allow light thru.

Jeff Jurrius

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  1. A very well presented model of my favorite ship, the NX-01. The lighting is excellent, as is the paint job.

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