Jeff Brown’s Space Exploration Models

These are photos of me and some of my model work currently on display as part of the “One Small Step” exhibition at the University of Delaware museum gallery in Newark, Delaware.

This exhibition, under the directorship of Ms Belena Chapp, is a display of art, artifacts and actual hardware components used in the space program over the last 40 years with particular emphasis on the Apollo 11 lunar mission.

In addition, there are displays of the “pop culture” aspect of the space program over the last forty years, with displays from “Star Trek”, “The X-Files”, “Lost in Space”, “2001: A Space Odyssey” and even “Fireball XL-5”.

As a side note, if you look in the background behind the moon rock, you’ll see part of the airbag system designed for and used by the Mars Pathfinder when it landed on Mars two years ago. My wife, a seamstress for ILC Industries of Dover, actually sewed the Mars airbag together.

Her handiwork is now sitting on the plains of Mars. She also sewed the ‘Star Trek: Next Generation’ uniform.


— Jeff Brown

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