Jason VanderMolen’s Enterprise D


My Enterprise NCC 1701-D model is the AMT 18″ kit. All the windows are drilled out with a pin vise, carved to shape with an exacto knife, then filled with white glue for a clear window. I decided to use the U shaped fluorescent tubes for lighting the windows because I wanted to have enough light to see them during the day.

I have one 13W fluorescent in the main hull and one 7W fluorescent in the secondary hull. The warp nacelles are lit up with LightSheet (two peices of blue 11X0.5} which worked great in the small space I had. The navigational lights are fiber optics and the bussard ram scoops are just a couple of red LED’s. The stand has a 6-pin DIN connector on it to make it easier for transporting.

The model is painted the usual duck egg blue color (or as close as I could match it from watching the movie a billion times) and the rest of the Aztec pattern was painted by hand with a darker color. I used all the decals from the kit and I also made some of my own. With a sheet of white decal film I made the lifeboats as the look from GENERATIONS. I was very pleased with the way my Enterprise turned out. I enjoy my hobby and plan to build all 6 Enterprises with lights. Hope you enjoy my pics as mutch as I do.

Jason VanderMolen

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  1. Well done with the excellent lighting. Compact fluro tubes and LEDs are certainly the way to go with lighting up these models.

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