Jan Erik Kristoffersen’s X-Wing

This is the X-wing fighter model from AMT/ERTL. It`s built straight from the box. The only modifications were that I cut out the windows of the cockpit to get a better view inside for details. I’ve also made it very battered and worn. It costs about $45 in a model shop in Norway.

I started painting the model light gray. When I painted the markings and the details, I didn’t used the decals included in the kit – they were too shiny and looked bad. It’s better to paint them your self in this case. Then I started the weathering. I used Humbrol paints, spanfix, paintbrush and an ordinary brush. I started whit black tinned out with spanfix ( paint thinner ) and paint brushed it on, then the same with gun metal and rust. For the effects on the engines, I first painted them silver then I flowed a wash of gunmetal for the burned effect.

Jan Erik Kristoffersen

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