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James Horn’s Starship display


Here a simple wood shelf painted black. A mini version of the borg globe purchased from Spencer’s for $19.95. The Picard bust is available only on eBay since I believe it is out of production. The cube is a toy made in the 90s and the starships are Micromachines also made in the 90s. I believe the new Furuta from Japan would work as well.

I used 0.062 mm music wire stock 504 from K & S engineering. I used a dremmel to cut and to sharpen one end of the wire. Then I used a 1/16 ” drill bit to make the hole in the ship. I was able to place the wire in the ship without using glue, the fit was snug. I then placed the wire in the hole of the cube. This is where the creative freedom exists to place the ships where ever you would like. I did not need any glue to secure the wire in the cube because or the length of the wire used.

I did use some florescent yellow paint to see if I could simulate phaser fire. However I did not achieve the desired effect, you may be able to give me some tips on that aspect of the project.

James Horn

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