JR Milchling’s NX-01


This is my NX-01 Enterprise. I started fitting parts for the kit and I was impressed I feel they did an adequate job better than others I have worked with.

Photo 4: You can see I have started assembly. I found that you have to cut the front of the nacelle off each half then glue and fill the lines. This is one of the few fit problems I have found.

Photo 5: Here is the first color I painted the parts on the picture withe necelle painted

Photo 6: This is with masking for the azteck patern and painted with the second color. This is the forth coat of paint. Black+clear+gunmetal+clear+masking+matalic gray to get to this picture.

Photo 7: This picture is repairing the paint damaged by the masking.

Photos 8 & 9: This is after removing the masking and another clear coat.

Photo 10: This picture is after I have put the decals on and clear coated it again

Photos 11, 12, and 13: Here I have showed a few pics of painted of detail parts.

Photo 15: In this picture you can see my scratch built electronics.

Photo 16: This is the saucer completed

Photos 17 to 22: Here in these last pictures of the set .These show the detailed decals that came in the kit. all in all it was a fun project.

The rest of the set of finished pics showing the lighting of the ship.

J.R. Milchling

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