J. Grey’s Klingon N’klaa


This is the N’klaa, a Ya’Vang class heavy freighter based on the 1-1400 AMT Vor’cha model. It was built for an online novel

Ex Astris Scientia – Star Trek Renegade Ship Gallery

I wanted it look as though it were a low powered transport vessel instead of the normal front line Klingon ships you normally see on the show. The nacelles were made from sheet styrene with greeblies from my spares box. The impulse deck had some different details added and was fitted as the forward command section with a raised bridge. The model was lit with the bulbs from a fibre optic kit and don’t photograph too well unfortunately. It was hand painted with a mixture of humbrol paints I had left over and each raised panel is painted in a lighter shade to accentuate them. It was an interesting quick kitbash I did while I was sick with flu but not the best model I’ve ever seen, it was too small to really have fun with.


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