Ismael Davila Sr.’s X-Wing

This X-wing sat in its box for many years until I felt I had the confidence to build it the way I envisioned it. As we all know that the MPC version lacked the detail we all came to like in the studio version. It took a lot of sanding and scribing to do the panel lines of the fuselage. I had to do the wing mounted laser cannons in brass tubing. The tips were finished off with small aluminum tubes. Small styrene strips were added to the thrust engines for detail. Extra styrene strips were placed to hide the S-foils between the wings. The pilot was fabricated from a 1/48th scale fighter pilot. Extra detail was added to the cockpit, and the cockpit canopy was scratch built and finished off with .015 clear styrene plastic. The ship was painted in light gull gray, and red paint was used for ships identification instead of the decals. Pastel chalks were used for weathering then sealed with a matte clear finish. The base is a wooden plaque painted with the Rebels insignia, and a clear plastic rod was used to mount the model to the base.

Ismael Davila Sr.

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