iHobbyExpo 2011 at a glance

Greatings from the iHobbyExpo in Rosemont Illinois!   I had a busy day, making the rounds to all the booths and displays at the show.  Always great to talk to the people at Moebius, Pegasus, Atlantis, Dragon, etc.   This is the big hobby trade show where the various companies make new product announcements for the upcoming year.  I’ve taken a lot of photos, and I will post many later.   But first, here is a little bit of news from your friendly neighborhood CultTVman….



Atlantis models officially announced their Blackbeard kit.  This is a reissue of the Aurora model from new tools.  The tooking is being done at this time so the kit will likely be available in early 2012



Revell was showing the Star Wars kits from Revell Germany, plus a reissue of the 1:48 scale Mercury and Gemini capsules.   CultTVman also noticed a couple interesting car releases — Tom Daniel’s Bad Medicine, and Ed Roth’s ’56 Ford Pickup



Lindberg/Hawk were back this year after not attending iHobby for the last couple years.   They are reissuing a number of kits under the Weird-Ohs banner including the old Riply’s Believe it or Not kits, the Rube Goldberg kits, the Lindy Loonies, and even the old Testor’s Alien.



The next stop for CultTVman was DragonUSA.   Dragon has been producing a number of very nice space exploration miniatures and these lines are continuing.   Look for more Apollo spacecraft, space shuttles, Gemini and Mercury Spacecraft.   There will be a 1:400 scale Space Station, a cutaway Space Shuttle on the 747, a five foot tall 1:72 Saturn V.    There are new 1:48 scale Apollo space craft model kits too.



Round 2 had on display their 32 inch mock up of the 1:350 TV Enterprise.   New from them will be a reissue of the 1:3200 Romulan Warbird from the Adversary set, and the Ferengi and Klingon BOP from the Adversary set packed togetther in one kit.   The Barnabas Collins Van was on display, as was the old AMT Yellow Submarine kit.  There will be reissues of the Polar Lights/Aurora Black Beauty, AMT Ghostbusters Ecto 1A, the Monkeemobile and Amtronic.   Most interesting to CultTVman was the Curl’s Gurl, Hot Curl and Hot Shot surfer kits from the 60’s that are being reissued.

And now we get to the really cool stuff…


Pegasus Hobbies announced their Terminator 2 license and will be producing kits of the Hunter Killer Tank and the Aerial Hunter Killer.   Look for those in later half of 2012



An all new kit of Dragonslayer will be coming in early 2012, along with the Great White Shark that was announced last year.  The shark will come with a diver in a cage.

CultTVman was pretty thrilled by the mock up of the Nautilus that was shown.   This is still in the development stage and not even a fully detailed prototype.  The kit will ultimately include an interior and photo etch details.   It is going to be SWEET.

Pegasus Hobbies also annonunced a new 1:8 scale Tarzan kit that will include a lion.   They are also producing a couple new dinosaur kits – a Triceratops and T-Rex, both in 1:32 scale

The Moebius Models both had the new Bride of Frankenstein kit on display.  This is sculpted by Jeff Yagher.   In the humble opinion of Cult, this will be the nicest kit ever produced by Moebius.

Moebius is bringing us two new submarines.  The Movie Seaview was previously announced but they had a test shot on display.  This features a different front end including a new control room and a launching missle.       the other sub is a large Skipjack.



How about the Creature from the Black Lagoon?    Here is a first look at the new figure.    Moebius also announced a light kit for the Jupiter 2.    And there is one more kit that really has me thrilled….   The Munster’s House – 1313 Mockingbird Lane.    They had this at the show but it was covered up because they were not allowed to show it.   But there is something familiar about it…

Please come back to the CultTVman site  and I will post more photos soon.



  1. Simply fantastic models coming next year. I’m particularly blown away with the Bride and Frankenstein as you said yourself. The other really exciting kits are the really big Saturn 5, Nautilus, Enterprise, Creature (now all we need is a Wolfman from Moebius), Munster’s House, etc., etc. These companies are really putting out excellent products and many of those in your pictures are on my buy list. Thanks for the article Steve.

  2. Wonderful to see a new resurgence of figures by major players- and the quality! I grew up on the Aurora figures- we could only dream of the stuff now emerging! The quality of the sculpts rivals resin. Hail Moebius and Pegasus- the new champions of the Sci-Fi and fantasy modeling field!

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