Han Erickson’s 1/1400 NX-01


This is one of the 1/1400 scale resin NX-01 kits. This is actually my first ever resin kit and may I say that I was very impressed with the level of detail and accuracy, as well as the simplicity of its construction. About all I had to correct was the alignment of the warp nacelles to the struts/pylons, along with removing a few casting burrs. Nothing at all serious.

Painting on the other hand was a very involved and complicated process. To begin with you have an enormous level of detail on a model that is only six inches long. I have no idea what I’m going to do when my 1/2500 scale IN-EX arrives from Sci-Clone, that one’s only three inches long. Then there was the dilemma of what tones to use. In most cases I try very hard to adhere to the detail and colors used on the original studio model. To start with Enterprise is a CG (Computer Generated) image and there is no studio model, and having searched the web for detailed images I found no less then four variations (even a purple one). So I settled on the one that I figured would work the best in most lighting conditions.

I was deeply grateful for the provided templates though they are a lot of work and very time consuming to cut out. Note to Walker Enterprises: HELP! But they are definitely worth taking the time for. Other then that I just used Testors Model Masters acrylic paints. The decals were also very detailed (though microscopic). And may I also give Thanks to Clark Bradshaw, and Don Matthy’s building and painting tips, they are really invaluable.

Han Erickson

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