Hal Bierman’s Pro Shop X-Wing

This is built largely out-of-box from the AMT/ERTL Pro Shop X-Wing kit. At the suggestion of several friends, I decided to model this after Red Two, piloted by Wedge Antilles. (Really, EVERYONE does Luke Skywalker.)

The weathering and markings were based on a small photo of an actual studio model that was on tour with a Star Wars exhibit. It just so happened that the model the studio sent was Red Two!

I was greatly impressed with all levels of this kit. The cockpit and pilot detail were very well done, with the exception of a targeting computer (by necessity of the motorized mechanism) and the amber visor. The latter was easily remedied. The most needed tooling was on the Artoo unit. The fit and function of all the parts was very reasonable with minor aligning of the wings.

This completed model has won first place at a local hobby shop’s annual contest. Score up one more victory for Wedge Antilles!

Hal Bierman



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