Hal Bierman’s Enterprise CVN-65


“We have found the nucleeear wessel, and Captain, it is the ENTERPRISE.”

This is a 1/600 Arii kit of the very famous and very REAL nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CVN-65. This kit is modified with Tom’s Model Works brass railings and repositioned deck elevator No. 2, as well as many small detail changes.

Nitpicker’s Note: That was NOT the “Enterprise” shown in Star Trek IV. At that time, the Big E was stationed in Norfolk, VA for service overhauls. What we actually saw on screen was a nuclear aircraft carrier of the Nimitz class, of which several are home-ported in Alameda, CA. (“I think it’s across the bay, in Alameda.”) (“That’s vat I said, AlaMEEda.”)

The deck and tower markings, and all other decals, were designed in Adobe Illustrator and printed by our wonderful CultTVMan friend, Don Matthys.

What nobody realized is that the Enterprise carries a Starfleet shuttlecraft as standard equipment. (Scratch-built to matching 1/600 scale.)

Hal Bierman

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