Guy Fogel’s illuminated Aurora Voyager


I  decided to make something a little different that was inspired from other builders…

This build is powered by a 9-volt battery hidden in the rear of the Voyager ahead of the engines.  The engine panel is secured by magnets so the 9-volt battery can be changed.  There is an on/off switch mounted on the bottom of the fuselage.


I added the red/green navigation lights in the wings, along with white lights mounted in the wings to illuminate the tail section. There is also a front spotlight below the main window, and a rear spotlight mounted high in the tail section. I didn’t want to do the overhead lighting in the cabin, so instead used VERY tiny SMD LEDs in the 3 monitor screens, and used the front spotlight to light the center console screen from below.

LEDs used:

  • Front spotlight – 3mm cool white
  • 3 cabin monitor screens – 1mm white Pico-size SMD (Those are SMALL!)
  • Busby’s bubble – 1.6mm white Nano-size SMD
  • Side navigation lights – 1.8mm green and 1.8mm red (2 each – top and bottom of wings)
  • Rear navigation light – 3mm cool white (just under stabilizer)
  • Tail illumination – 3mm cool white on each side mounted on wings
  • Engine lights – 1.8mm orange flickering (3 each)

Guy Fogel

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