Gino Dykstra’s Millenium Falcon

Enclosed are some pics of a model I made recently for a customer — the classic Millenium Falcon. This model has been built virtually straight from the box, with only the most minor details added. What I wanted to play with here for the most part was seeing what qualities I could bring out of the model via a good paint job.

In this case, the model was primed with Floquil Primer, and some light clouding done with white. I then masked off various panels and painted them with various medium to light greys, as well as the obligatory dusky reds. What really made things “pop,” however, was the combination of dry-brushing and washes, which I use frequently when making armor kits. The surface was very lightly dry-brushed with white, and then a very soft wash of black oil paint was applies between the panels and around details. I then did a final drybrushing with white again to mute the contrasts between the panels. Although subtle, I think the effect is . . . well, effective.

Gino Dykstra

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