Gil Brumana’s Lost Years Enterprise


This is, of course, the Polar Lights TOS Enterprise kit. I love this kit!!! it’s very accurate and lends it’s self to numerous conversions that are on the market.

The kit was glued together and puttied on the seems…(snap kit…..why,why?) For this version of mine, I used the pilot nacelles with the smooth inner detail, the production bussard collectors and end caps. The rest of the kit was all the production parts.

The motivation for this slight conversion was……We’ve all seen the Pilot Enterprise, and we’ve all seen the Production Enterprise from the series. Then we’ve all seen the Motion Picture Enterprise…… but what was the Enterprise like inbetween the end of the series and the Motion Picture???? This is what I thought it would look like, with slight upgrades, during the “Lost Years” .

The major modification I made was to the deflector. I discarded the dish…(actually put it in the spares box for other conversions)… and cut down the inner rings. Then I glued a disk of .020 sheet styrene over them to give the dished newer look of the movie style deflector.

Next I wanted to do the neck mounted torpedo tubes, so I made them out of styrene tube and aluminum tube. Both of theses parts I made as masters and them molded and cast the parts to use.

Then when I went looking for decals I found JT Graphics great “Kitbashers Sheet” and saw that the instructions with that tell you how to make the deflector dish pretty much the same way I did on my own… what can you say… I guess great minds think alike.

The model was painted Rustolium Pewter Gray. This is a gloss paint and gives a great surface for the decals to adhere to. It goes on a little dark, but once the decals are done and you spray on the dull coat it lightens up to the perfect shade of gray that is almost exactally the color of the original 11 foot model. Details were painted light and dark Gull Gray, and the bussard collectors were painted Tamiya Clear Orange on the inside, with the inner part painted bright white. Again this does not look right until you put the dull coat on, then the clear parts dyfuse the sharpness and it turns into a neat glowing effect for the collectors.

The “Kitbashers Sheet” supplied all of the decals for this model. The upgraded numbers and pennetts, the deflector’s blue glow, and the blue glow on the inside of the nacelles.

Gil Brumana

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