George Belknap’s Little Batcar part 2

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I took the aluminum tube supplied with the kit and polished it with #1000 grade steel wool. (photo 7) I then used 4000 to 12000 grade sanding pads to achieve a chrome like finish on the tube. This was then cut into 3 pieces to form the rocket tubes behind the aft canopy. The holes in the body for the tubes were a little small. I enlarged these with a pin vise and drill bit.

Drilling at an angle so that the tubes would be angled when inserted into the body. (photo 8) Once in place I epoxied them from the underside.

With the chassis painted flat black I dry brushed on Model Master aluminum over the raised details.(photo 9) You could actually go nuts here using various metallic shades to represent the exhaust system and suspension parts. I decided to keep it simple for a kit this small.

While the other parts were drying I removed the flash from the clear resin canopy. (photo 10) I then painted the frames with Model master aluminum. I gave the beacon light a coat of Tamiya clear red then dry brushed aluminum over the beacon’s frame.

When those were dry I cave the whole thing a coat of Future. The final touch was painting the roll bar flat black. (photo 11)

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