Gavin Rees’ Klingon Bird of Prey



This model isn’t around anymore and it was done years ago. The kit is the resin BOP that came out in the early 90’s (I think). These are the only pictures I have of it. The ship was done pretty much out of box. I scratch built the landing ramp at the rear and tried to scale the figures to it. It was hard to do as there are no really good pictures of people standing beside the ship. The figures are gaming pieces from “Mech Warrior”. They came as a group cast together. Careful trimming removed the base and then some fine painting and I had a Klingon crew.

The base is a piece of marble that I picked up from a construction site. The wires supply power to the red LED in top of the superglue lid and the hooded flood light near the nose. The orange tower is the cap to a syringe with the antenna assembled off a 1/700 scale Soviet carrier. Parts from a 1/48 scale Lunar lander kit and a 1/700 scale Spruance class destroyer make up the other detail in front of the tower. Looking at it now I realize that the scaling is way out, but I am still happy with it and think it is a nice diorama.

Gavin Rees


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