First Look: Polar Lights Refit Enterprise 1:1000 scale by Steve Iverson

The 1:1000 scale Refit Enterprise is the first all new science fiction kit from Round 2.   The kit was announced in the summer of 2009, continuing the line of 1:1000 scale Star Trek kits from Polar Lights.   The kit will be shipping at the end of February 2010.    The model shown above is a test shot from October 2009, and did not come with instructions or decals.   It is possible there would be minor changes to the final released kit.   The model is based on the larger 1:350 Polar Lights Refit Enterprise.

The model has about 40 parts as shown above and is intended as as snap kit.   Of course, modelers will want to glue the parts together for a snug, solid assembly, as well as to clean up seams, and properly paint.  Overall, the parts went together well with a snug fit.   I didn’t find any poorly fitting pieces or unexpected gaps.   Some putty work will be needed to hide some seams, such as at the top of the nacelles, or around the primary hull.

The primary hull comes is basically two halves that snap together.   There is room inside for a clever modeler to add lighting.   The rim of the primary hull lacks detail, most likely due to modeling restrictions.  The grid pattern is nicely engraved, although at this scale is it exaggerated.

The secondary hull is made of four major hull pieces that lock around the nacelle pylon tabs to  provide solid support for the engines.   When assembled, you’ll find the seams to be located along panel lines, which should allow for them to be virtually invisible.

The nacelles are made up of two halves, along with some detail parts.   The model is designed to support lighting and the inner grills of each engine are clear plastic inserts.   For lighting, you’ll need to remove the plastic behind them and carefully glue the grills in place.    Cleaning up the seams will require a little care so you do not obliterate some of the fine detail such as the  beacons on the top rear of the nacelles.

The pylons and dorsal connector halves are nicely detailed.  The inner panels of the pylons feature finely engraved details.  The  dorsal halves lock around a clear insert for the photo torpedo launchers.

Here you can see how the secondary hull and pylons lock together to offer support for the nacelles.    The pylons have room for wires to support lighting the kit.

Here is a  look at the detail parts sprue with the bridge, lower sensor for the primary hull, shuttle bay, sensor dish ring for the secondary hull and nacelle detail parts.

The clear sprue includes warp nacelle grills, sensor dish, impulse engines, the impulse crystal, photon torpedo launcher, botany windows, and observation windows.   Plenty of lighting opportunities!

The new base features a sturdy metal rod and a pivoting mount for more display options.  Nor more flimsy stands that won’t support your model!

Overall, this is a very satisfying kit.   The model is very accurate, features nice detail, and goes together well.   It is a great addition to the 1:1000 scale line of kits.

My thanks to the good folks at Round 2 for providing the advance sample.

You can place preorders for the kit in the CultTVman Hobbyshop


  1. Great detail,little clean up-perfect for lighting despite it’s size.The decals are crazy.AMT/ERTL really missed the boat on this one.
    Kudos to Polar Lights!

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