First Look: Polar Lights 1:350 Classic Enterprise part 1

We’ve been busy packing and shipping the new Polar Lights Enterprise this weekend.  For those of you eagerly awaiting this kit, most all of the paid preorders will ship out on Monday Morning.

Here’s a quick snap of the box art.   This was created by the legendary Alex Ross for Round 2.   Pretty impressive.

And a quick look inside the box.

This is not intended as a comprehensive review of the kit, or even a critique of the model.   Right now, I’m just sharing a quick look at what is inside the box.

The large white foam wrapped package contains three sets of windows inserts shot in white, black, and clear plastic.    This certainly allows for lighting, but also inserting windows without having to paint the window details.

More windows parts

Here are the nacelles. They are pretty heavy plastic and very solid.

These are the pylons.    These are designed to support lighting.

Some of the nacelle details.   The discs in the lower left are for lighting the bussard collectors.

More nacelle details, along with the impulse engines

These are the Bussared domes, interior fan blades as well as the clear lighting parts.

Some of the engine details from the instruction sheet.

on to part 2

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First Look: Polar Lights 1:350 Classic Enterprise part 2
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