One of the frustrating things about the internet is that web pages come and go.   Some people shut down their sites or otherwise abandon them.   Other sites disappear as ISP’s and Webhost shut down, or move around.   In 2009, AOL and GeoCities closed  their free personal pages, taking out dozens of model sites.   Sadly, there are fewer and fewer websites that are devoted to hobbies.

On the other hand, Facebook has provided new opportunities for model builders to share their hobby.  I’ve added a listing of several Facebook groups.

Listed below are sites that are still active as of April 2014.   It is certainly not a comprehensive list, but it is a list of sites I think will interest the people that visit CultTVman.   While I do try to filter out those sites that are questionable, inclusion of links on this page should not be considered an endorsement by me.

The Best in Fantastic Modeling

Model Retailers, Producers and Suppliers – remember, inclusion here is not an endorsement from CultTVman.


Model Shows

Facebook model groups.   – Again, this is not comprehensive, but I found these groups to be pretty good.  Some of these may be closed groups

Personal Pages and Model Websites – these tend to disappear, or are often abandoned.   Many disappeared when AOL Hometown and GeoCities shutdown.   Most of those listed here have been around a while, but many may not be active.

Other sites of interest: